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Welcome to our website, it allows you to compare the prices of different cannabis seeds and find the cheapest. Through our classes, you will find the most popular as it is for a grown indoors and outdoors varieties of seeds. With our filter products, you will be able to refine your search and find the hemp seed adapted to your needs.

Why not starting growing your own Cannabis ?

It's cheaper and growing plants is a healthy activity that can only provide you wealth. It is not risquy to order seeds from the web. Seeds sent from our partners are sent in an anonymous and discreet way. Namely, that the cannabis seeds are never considered psychotropic substances and are perfectly legal. In this sense it is now possible to buy cannabis seeds on Ineternet, SemiSeed then allows you to compare offers from different breeders.

A selection of seeds for all types of farmers -

On SemiSeed, one will find the genotypes of the most recognized place of Amsterdam: Super Skunk, Jack Herer, Jack Flash, Shiva, Mexican Sativa, Big Bud, White Widow, Northern Lights, or whether regular or feminized seeds. For outdoor growers, we also have a wide range of Automatic seed but also robust genotypes as the Purple and Ruderalis Indica.

For beginners and more impatient, we always advise of feminized cannabis seeds, the latter provide the production of female cannabis plants despite some drawbacks.

Whether Indoor or indoor, the climate, if it is in the UK or elsewhere in Europe is to be considered but also the space where you plan to grow your seeds. Namely, for example, varieties of Indica beuhs bloom quickly and produce compact plants with a "Stone Powerful" unlike Indica, ranging beings long to bloom, produce tall plants with a "High" powerful.

A selection of cannabis seeds to buy safely

Seeds offered by our partners are selected for their quality and especially stability. The references listed are from reputable seed companies and based in Holland: Buy Dutch Seeds, Weed Seed Shop, Buy Dutch Seeds and others.
In addition to offering a comprehensive overview of cannabis seeds on the Internet SemiSeed also has a culture that will guide many advices to farmers from the choice of the seed until the harvest through flowering.

Thank you in advance for your visit and wish you pleasant moments.