Autoflowering Seeds

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Revolution in the world of cannabis seeds, autoflowering seeds are as easy growing cannabis as Indoor Outdoor. Based from strains of Cannabis Ruderalis, the autoflowering seeds are hybrids more resistant to weather conditions and are not dependent to light cycles (photoperiodicity). Another benefit is that the seeds of Cannabis provide and assure abondant harvest of good quality cannabis.

They can be grown 2-3 months after seed germination. On Outdoor, these autoflowering seeds can string two crops a summer, that is to say, one between April and June and another one from July to September. In Indoor, they are simply two times faster than conventional seeds, they will allow to achieve 4-5 crops a year. A major advantage of these autoflowering seeds is that they adapt to any environment, even the most hostile, and they are perfect for guerrilla cultivation.