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Why do we speak of feminized seeds? Feminized seeds are female seeds. they will ensure the production of female cannabis plants, producers of heads resinous full of THC. These are hybrid seeds developed for the most novice growers. They avoid having to grow a variety of seeds and wait for germination to determine its gender.

Some decades ago, feminized seeds were hard to find but this is no longer the case. The process of feminization is now within reach of many breeders and it is easy to find cheap feminized seeds on the Internet. They are obtained by a process of changing complex genotype. In short, it is to stimulate the production of female pollen with the help of a hermaphrodite cannabis plant. This action related to the specific nature of cannabis will stimulate the production of female seeds, which is why we sit they are féminisées.

Today the feminization process of seeds is stabilized and we can ensure almost 100% in the production of female plants. On SemiSeed, you will find all strains of Satina, indica, Indoor outddor as feminized version.