graines féminisées

Here it is you have chosen your culture and buy your seeds and are ready to plant. Here here the main stages of cultivation of cannabis seeds. You're ready to start growing your own weed and start to feel your

How To germinate seeds

For starters, make sure your seeds have a very compact fleshy appearance of colors from gray to dark green, are somewhat shiny and full. Once the viability of your seeds established, it is time to start germination. If you grow outdoors, consider the sun in your area and flowering time of your cannabis seeds. In northern Europe, we always advise to wait mid-May to avoid nocturnal gels while in the more southern Europe, regions in April is a good month to start his culture.

It is advisable to germinate seeds above ground. Germination in soil can often be missed for many reasons: soil too hot, too wet soil, seeds planted too deep, etc.. In this sense, we suggest safer methods.
First, the seed will need heat and humidity. It is then rehydration. To begin, place your seeds in a glass of warm water for 12 hours. The seeds should eventually sink to the bottom of the glass.
Then, get two plates and paper towels (kitchen towels, Kleenex tissue or facial cotton will do). Then place the seeds, leaving a little space in layers of paper towels moistened in advance. Replace everything between two plates to block access to light. Let it rest in the dark at an average temperature of 21 ° C.

Cannabis Seeds Germination

Check daily that the paper layers remain wet throughout the day as well as the advancement of the status of your seeds. After a few days (between 3 and 10 days), a small root should appear. When it reaches a root size of a few millimeters, germination is over and it is time to transplant the seeds.

In this transition period, the plant begins to develop its own chlorophyll system. As she grew from its reserves in the seed, so it is ready to tap into external resources and move to the vegetative phase.
Transplantation of germs
Depending on the type of crop, so you will have different options depending on the type of culture. We recommend that you either transplanted into a pot or soil or rock wool.
The germ is doomed to turn around, it will take along its length guide your seed differently. Turn it down if it exceeds 2cm otherwise let up. Cover it all a few millimeters of soil and remember to keep the soil moist by watering regularly.
Let grow in this environment a few days away from direct sources of light: the sun or artificial light. It's a bit later when the first leaves appeared that your plants will be ready to enter a new phase that is the vegetative phase.