You have decided to start growing your own cannabis plants. One of the first parameters before choosing your seeds will be to choose if you want to grow indoor or outdoor. For both of them there are pros and cons.

Outdoor GrowingOUtdoor Growing cannabis

Growing cannabis outdoors (Outdoor cannabis cultivation) is the easiest and most natural with less hardware investment. We always advise you to get started in April or May. Depending on seeds, your plants should then come into bloom around July or August, the month conducive to the healthy development of your plant as this is the period during which rainfall is the lowest (period with very little rain ).

One of the first parameters to take into account the climate. If you want to grow in England, France or Spain, the weather will influence your choice of outdoor seeds.

In this sense, you will find on SemiSeed, seeds adapted to your weather:

Cold Weather

If you are in the coldest regions ranging from Scandinavia or England, we will advise outdoor seeds adapted to a cold climate. It is mainly Indica and Ruderalis seeds types from East Asian genotypes. These are seeds early flowering due to the duration of the summer. They are mode for latitudes around 50 ° North and in some cases up to 60 ° North. Varietal seeds for cold climate.

Temperate and continental Weather

For some regions of France, including South find seeds tnombreux locations below 50 ° N and almost all climates below 45 ° N. See varieties of cannabis seeds for temperate and continental climat.

Hot or Mediterranean Weather

Suitable for climates with rich hot summers, these seeds grow plants e 45 ° N and almost all locations below 40 ° N provide an excellent environment for variety of cannabis grown outdoors. In the southern hemisphere, almost all places can be considered (at least) warm and sunny. See seeds for hot Weather.


Appeared a few years ago, the auto-flowering seeds are independent of light cycles. Ideal for the most novice growers are seeds for growing outdoors without constraints. Developed from hemp varieties most robust, they are ideal for guerilla culture. These are fast-flowering seeds and feminized principle for your convenience. Buy Autoflowering seeds.

Also, consider the potential plant height, you can find seeds to plant more or less high. Then consider small cannabis plants and trappus that your plants are camouflaged in the middle of a field of cannabis. In contrast, in the forest you can afford plants tall so that they can make the most of the light.

Indoor Growing

Indoor growing has the opportunity to grow all kinds of seeds including the most exotic cannabis seeds. Then you need ti build a particular ecosystem. It will then grow at any time of the year Mexican, Thai weeds etc.. For Indoor Growing, we will recommend you these seeds.
However, it requires an investment in time and material enough so as it will be to control all elements of culture: light, heat, air, nutrients and water so articifielle. To recreate this ecosystem favorable to you to choose the most appropriate type of culture.

Hydroponics and AéroponicsOUtdoor growing cannabis seeds

Hydroponics Greek Hydro (water) and Ponos (work) is a cannabis cultivation soilless, that is to say without land. A plant does not actually need the land to grow but nutrients. The plant will then grow directly into the water while in the hydroponic system used, the roots will be held by an inert substrate like coco, clay pebbles, sand, perlite or rockwool.

In parallel, it will be your job to provide all the nutrients the plant needs an aqueous solution. there are several for this system as the reservoir systems, wick, ebb-flow, film or water only drop by drop.

In an aeroponic system, a derivative of hydroponics, it is to spray the roots with a nutrient solution directly by pump systems or misting. This most recent system in the cultivation of cannabis then provides better performance and a perfect oxygenation racines.Ces latest in upper air system can be found hanging in the air. In addition to saving water, you also avoid pests and rots.
Among the different systems adapted to the cultivation of cannabis seeds, note those with use of aeroponic propagators and closed circulation systems pressure drip.


Sea of Green: Also called method "SOG", the advantage of this type of culture is an abundant harvest. so it is to grow small plants in very short flowering in a confined space. Ultimately the goal is to create a green canopy at higher levels in plants. The lower parts of the plant by this method suffer SOG a hormonal response. These are then reinforced and form the basis of a bush or shrub. And then on top of the plant to produce the bulk of the harvest, as more exposed to light.
In another method the method of cultivation of cannabis seeds SCROG (Screen of Green) involves placing a wire suspended about 30 cm above the plant canopy that develops around the wire, like a vine pergola. This culture technique allows a high yield.

Why Start Growing its own Weed ?

First and foremost, it is a matter of cost effictiveness compared to Blacks markets. No risk of being scamed, your house is much safer than many suburbs under the control of local mafia. One can choose any strain he wants. Quality is controled, and you can be sure of the pureness of your weed. To finish, becoming a grower is also a new hobbie which could lead you to grow later your own vegetables and have a better understanding of how nature works.


Before anything else, be sure to understand the risks that you may incur, to know the area where you are and the legal environment in this area. For example, in Britain and the since 2012, new laws were put in place in early 2012. The thing to know is that the risks are mainly dependent on the amount of plants you want to grow know that beyond a half-dozen, you take risks. It is totally irrational to engage in a culture of cannabis in commercial activity or that can be a source of nuisance to others.