Cultivation Area for Cannabis seeds Indoor

There are different types of configurations to accommodate your growing space . Some people like to have two distinct parts, one for cannabis plants flowering and another to keep the mother plants and seed germination cannabis.Sauf if you engage in a culture of industrial type , this should not you concern and would be a concern for you! One space should suffice.

Cannabis rooms grow tent

One thing to consider upstream is the height of your plants and the amount of seeds you put in culture. If you are Sativa mode, expect to for some plants that can go over your head, like in 1.50m - 2m . Otherwise, if you are quite in a delirium indica seeds , you will not have to do with the height of plants knowing that they are trappues . This will affect you if you grow in SOG . On floor space required, a surface 75cm2 enough, but if you're in a culture plants from March to May , an area of two to three m2 will do. Do you roll a good joint , think and find the place for you , we trust you 100% .

Growing seeds inside space