Flowering cannabis. A specific event

Flowering plants is , as its name suggests , the biological process of flower development in them. This process is very much dependent on the plant itself ( it emits hormones ) that the environment in which it is located , ie temperature and soil moisture content . There are many types of plants and , accordingly , of blooms . While some are annuals or biennials some others are perennial , such as woody plants , grasses with rhizomes ( irises , for example) or bulb ( like tulips )

Flowering cannabis occurs once a year for a reason that happens to be , by accident of fate, just as simple as good : Hemp is an annual herbaceous plant and , as such , she lives less twelve months, completing its life cycle logically in this time . It is this essential sense to pay special attention to this critical period .

The course of flowering cannabisFlowering Cannabis plant

Hemp, cannabis is a plant, it is so vivid and the rules that govern the living are the same for all. Never too much, respect the cycles even shorter , the plant, especially during flowering , regular needs , developments , although a natural boost may, from time to time , be welcome.
Flowering cannabis is the key step , it is also the longest in the care and attention to implementation. Between 8 and 9 weeks, sometimes a little less , but rarely are necessary for the development which will lead to the final harvest . The patience of the gardener is at this stage put to the test , since the continued growth of the first 3 weeks (up to 5 inches a day !) Let us believe that the harvest is near , while at least five weeks still separate fast observed development thereof .
Ambient light must board at this time to 12 hours per day. This is the summer cycle , cannabis then think potentially artificial atmosphere surrounding the terminal is that of its growth . Flowering cannabis can then come to an end.

The last week of flowering cannabis

In the context of a perfect end to flowering , take care to ensure the variety of cannabis seeds we have. It is thus expected watering during last week simple clear water plant without fertilizer so that the residues still present in the earth are permanently absorbed by the plant. But in any case , and despite the rarity of the species requiring less time to culture, it is essential to be careful , not too much or not enough sprinkles. If watering final clear water is more or less long , it can negatively affect future crops .
Finally, in order to improve the taste and scent of cannabis , it is advisable to leave it for the last 36 hours blooming in total darkness . In doing so, the chlorophyll disappears , enabling a complete release of the flavoring.