How to feed cannabis plants ?

Except Love, water and Light, feeding your plant with the right mix and amount of nutrient is recommended.  

Cannabis can grow faster than almost any plant, even outside. Cannabis is strongly anchored in the ground to maintain rapid growth by removing nutrients from the earth ( or mineral fertilizers) . You must replenish nutrients with a soluble fertilizer for growth. It simply means to dissolve a soluble fertilizer in water , and water as usual. This section is mainly for farmers using earth , in pots or in the garden , while a reading can also help hydroponic growers.watering can - cannabis nutriment

Cannabis Seeds - The major nutrients (N, P , K)

The three numbers on fertilizer packages correspond to the percentages of the three major nutrients that a fertilizer contains , and are always in the order nitrogen , phosphorus, potassium , or NPK . Ra - Pid -Gro is a 23-19-17 , which means it has 23 percent N, 19 percent P2O5 and 17 percent K2O. You will need to fertilize with a "complete" fertilizer - one that provides large amounts of N, P and K - in virtually any land several times during the life of the plant .

Nitrogen ( N) is that the nutrient is exhausted for the faster growing in cannabis ground , and you should anticipate the need to fertilize the plant with a soluble fertilizer containing nitrogen , several times during growth. Nitrogen is associated with a rapid and luxuriant growth during the life of the plant.

Phosphorus ( P ) is applied immediately after the germination and during early growth. Good training flowers marijuana depends on an adequate supply of P. In outdoor crops , place the super- phosphates near the stem of the plant. Super- phosphates will not burn the plant, fertilize and you want as close as possible to the plant for proper assimilation.

Potassium (K) is also called early growth to strengthen a robust and strong plant with a strong stem. During flowering , potassium training aid flowers marijuana, and also contributes to good combustion properties of the dried cannabis. The best fertilizer to use during flowering is potassium nitrate ( KNO 3 ) . Studies with tobacco growers have shown that potassium nitrate , in addition to providing items to the plant, using tobacco ( cannabis) to burn evenly after drying. Nitrogen fertilizers , such as ammonium nitrate, affect the properties of combustion.