Hydroponic system for growing Cannabis

Hydroponics is a culture system using an inert substrate and a contribution of the necessary elements via a nutrient solution spray.This technique is not restricted only to " pros" but all cannabis growers , from beginner to hard eternal.

To begin with, the benefits of hydro culturehydropony cannabis system
- Faster growth ,
- No odor as with a growing crop , but still the smell of cannabis,
- Reduce or no spurious theoretically
- Better performance.

But the disadvantages are :
- Initial investment can be expensive,
- Constant monitoring solution required under penalty of dramatic consequences
- Leakage in the event of a problem.

At the recommended hardware , you must:
- Tester EC (Electro Conductivity ) to measure the amount of minerals in your solution,
- PH tester ,
- Corrector PH , PH- mainly , but also the PH + if mishandled.

There are two types of hydroponic systems :

Open circuit : the solution is in a separate container plants, eg a submersible pump delivers the solution in the network drip , then the surplus is removed and discarded : so there is no recovery solution.

In this case the drip is triggered more than 1 time every 2 hours : it depends on the size of the plants and the substrate used ( coco or rockwool or even Top Mix) .

The advantages are :
- The nutrient solution flowing through the drip is a fertilizer solution ideal dosage (fertilizers and pH) as it will remain as you prepared to start. You are sure to give your plants a perfectly balanced nutrient solution.
- You can compare the pH and EC of the tray level with the recovery tank .
- Maintenance and use extremely easy.

But the disadvantages are :
- The solution recovery tank (due to irrigation surplus ) should be discarded. This surplus is essential for good drainage and is little solution : this lightweight waste is largely compensated by a more precise and therefore better nutrition

Closed circuit : the solution is constantly recycled.

The advantages are :
- You use a little less water and fertilizer.hydroponic watering system nutritive

But the disadvantages are a recycled solution :
- Checking almost daily EC and PH for the correct solution.
- Risks of mineral imbalances , excess fertilizer (if it is hot, the water evaporates and fertilizer concentrates ) or deficiencies ( the plant consumes what it needs ) and root diseases ( Pythium for example ) .

How to prepare the solution :
Step 1 : Fill a container of water,

2nd step : correct PH using the tester and corrector PH
Step 3: put the fertilizer in water corrected and check the mixture with the tester to get the right level of EC (indicated on the labels of bottles of fertilizer) .
Step 4: Recheck the pH and readjust if necessary ( when you know your fertilizer and good doses , this step will not be necessary )

It is best to use fertilizers specially adapted to hydroponics available in all good growshops .