Lights and Indoor cannabis Growing

In the field of light, there are many ways to grow your cannabis seeds . Older farmers may have already used and have become accustomed to metal halide lamps , CFL ( fluorescent ) , HPS . But these have done their time and have their drawbacks. They are all important sources of heat and require the presence of a cooling system for air conditioning or such air extractor to create a culture environment suitable for the cultivation of cannabis seeds . Finally, the energy consumption required is enormous.Basic metal halide lamps

LED Panels - the best solution 

To continue, we are not talking of efficiency and lifetime. That is why we always advise the use of LED lamps type light panels . First, you will decrease your electricity consumption significantly and will not make you toast EDF GDF . Then the bulbs used ( LEDs ) can have a lifetime of about 100,000 hours, which corresponds culture time 10 to 15 years planages of weed . Wallboards by sending them an ideal light spectrum for growing your plants . In this sense, watt consumption is optimized .

The major drawback of Pannels LED is the initial investment. However one can find Chinese models at low prices, but very poor quality. Then there are ways end models that work very well but unbeatable HP lamps in terms of watts and light penetration . It is for this reason that I recommend lamps 300 watts. This power will do to a culture chamber with an area of 1m2 . For the most efficient farmers , a lamp used 180watts will do but not as much as a 300w lamp . Although 500 euros investment seems huge, the investment will be profitable glass and lamp may be helpful for decades.LED Panels - Cannabis Seed growing

An important aspect is to consider the position of the light and its intensity. So positioned , it is possible to make a diffuse your cannabis plants and light it optimally. For example, if we use several light bulbs intensity near the plant, this type of installation you will be more effective than a single bulb located in height. Namely, to a LED light , a distance with your cannabis plant is ideal 30cm whereas for a conventional light bulb , this distance should be greater.