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Jack Herer R'

Here are the top seeds, a more subtle! Jack Herer has also been awarded montreuses of time, and it is not finished, an unparalleled track record so far. She especially had its heyday when it was allowed to be distributed in Dutch pharmacies because of its therapeutic qualities.

Here seed plants that will give you a "high " Tropical Sativa with abundant resin production. The heads are crystallized and covered by thousands of filaments signs of strength. This denotes the stems and finely hairy leaves. In short, a plant that exudes power. Very stable seeds reserve still surprises, due to the parents of Jack Herer, all as diverse as quality.

We distinguished four levels of development, the first three and last essentially sativa indica with very fast flowering. Popular, it becomes something very precious among consumers. For this reason, it is rare to find on the market.

The effect of "" high "" is double, with a powerful stone. In addition, you are also experiencing well-being through all your body and recognized therapeutic benefits of the plant benefits: relaxing muscles and brain a positive effect.

Why "" Jack Herer ""? Jack Herer set the author of the bestseller "" The Emperor wear no bells "" (The emperor has no clothes). This activist has fought a lot to show the world that cannabis was a resource with many virtues which through its various uses, there was the possibility of saving the planet and humanity. "

  • Seeds Type >> Regular Seeds
  • Harvest >> Large Yield
  • Weather >> Sunny weather
  • Flowering >> Long flowering (more than 65 days)
  • Strain >> Hybrid
  • Plants size >> High Plants

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