Vegetative phase of a cannabis plant

Once your plant has developed his first film since the cannabis seeds, growth will précipiter.Aussi called vegetative growth period vegetative phase of a cannabis plant will last on average between three and seven weeks. This term Indoor will depend on the amount of light, the light source used and space but also especially of the variety.

To Know: The seeds also called autoflowering seeds skip this stage because they are independent of cycle lights. In this sense, ifyou cultivate type of cannabis seeds, you are not affected by this step in growing your plants.

Vegetative phase in the cannabis seed cycle

Rooting and development of the first leaves

At this stage, the plant will require the input of more than 14 hours of light (ideally 18 hours), plenty of water, but water but various nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, calcium, trace elements.
The plant will continue its development vertically and produce new leaves. The plant from the cannabis seed will take root gradually. The plant is ready to bloom when it has revealed its sex. The size of the plant is a good indicator of sex. Females tendency to be higher and have more branches because of their inflorescence. Male plants they have fewer branches and it will take them out when they are identified because they can disrupt the development of the female plants. Throughout this phase, the plant will increase perspiration and water needs will increase, the earth désèchera soon as the first buds will appear.

To Know: You are recommended buying feminized seeds. These last from a chemical process to produce sure the female plants. However these are not suitable for the practice of cuttings so they can not perform cross from the female seeds.
During the vegetative phase, some growers will provide maximum light to 24 hours per day for faster growth. However, some recommend placing the pieces in the cold darkness daily for optimal health.

Fertilizer level, we will use fertilizer solutions with high tenure nitrogen, potassium and others. As the advance in its vegetative stage plant, rations will be increased and support the development of the plant.

Well prepared for flowering 

The plant will take off and grow foliage and branch. In this sense, the farmer can begin to influence plant development by favoring certain sectors and improve performance year adapting your plant to the ecosystem in which it evolves. A true gardener working to perfect the canopy and optimize the performance of the plant.
Some techniques such as topping or Piching that match the topping plant will be recommended. This work of plant size will allow to influence the development of a cannabis plant. This topping is used to manage the plant height, multiply the number of main head, better manage light penetration. It is in fact separated into two main base of the plant. This can then be repeated several times. The pal, you will then develop on the coast.
To go further, there are techniques LST (Low Stress Training), similar to topping techniques, it is to bend and tie the branches of the plants to the ground by wire (sewing, cables, wire fishing, whatever). This allows to influence the growth of the plant and its bases before entering the flowering stage. This is very useful technique because it allows for indoor games manage e light. In general, we will use these techniques after topping plants.
To flowering
When décidrez to spend about 12 hours of sunlight and thus break the rhythm of photoperiodic plant. Thus breaking the circadian cycle (alternating day and night) will induce flowering.
By the time the plant adapts to its new light regime will be called the pre-flowering stage. This stage will last on average between 10 days and two weeks. The planette will then grow steadily to reach its final size and structure before flowering. At the end of this cycle, the plant would then have to develop a strong structure and sturdy branches bring him to endure hundreds of drunk gram of those classes.